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ORGANIC BANKNOTES – ID CARDS – DRIVERS LICENSE – PASSPORT – FAKE MONEY … – Germany’s largest counterfeiters,  fake and Real Documents with holograms! With the Documents from there is a legal alternative to falsifying your driver’s license or falsifying your ID card. A Your new documents are now at
PARTNER ID 0387250878137206
STATUS valid
LAST UPDATE 03/23/2019 at 4:58 p.m.

[organics] N.Shansian

Elligersweg 26

22307 Hamburg

Tel: -+1 (347) 921 0754
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3.7 5


  • Positive 88.61%
  • Neutral 4.63%
  • Negative 6.76%

Total ratings: 281

Average determined from 3 ratings (last 12 months)

> Riccardo Ebel 

Regarding an order from: 
 / 5




Regarding an order from: 
just perfect.
 / 5



Iris Kopp 

Regarding an order from: 
I didn’t get my cards …
 / 5



Oliver H 

Regarding an order from: 
Perfectly happy! 👌
 / 5



Steven Gritsch 

Regarding an order from: 
Very good quality.
I will definitely recommend you
 / 5



Hartmut G 

Regarding an order from: 
1 day faster would have been perfect
 / 5



Helena Andrea M. 

Regarding an order from: 
The font color is orange on the ID card, this was not shown to me so I am a little disappointed. Since I thought the writing is black.
 / 5


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the font color and the design of our ID cards are clearly visible on the product images. An orange font can also be clearly distinguished from a black font. Please look again carefully, maybe there was a mistake here? Support is also available to help in such cases. Thank you very much.Your team from


Yves Senn 

Regarding an order from: 
 / 5



Yves Senn 

Regarding an order from: 
 / 5



Nelanie De Villiers 

Regarding an order from: 
Hi, I ordered a id about 2 months ago
*** South African, but live in the US now
Still hasn’t arrived
 / 5


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Hey There,

we’re sorry to hear that your ID hasn’t arrived. Did you write the customer support to ensure that the submitted address was 100% corrected? Maybe there was a delivery delay and because you’ve moved to the US the South African post wasn’t able to deliver it in the end? That’s why it would have been great, if you’d informed the customer support first in order to solve the issue directly. Thanks.Your team from


Nicholas L. 

Regarding an order from: 
Well I didn’t got them yet
 / 5


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Hey There,

we’re sorry to hear that, it shall arrive asap, as there were holidays in-between. If you have any further questions, please contact our support directly. Thanks for your patience.Your team from


Christian G. 

Regarding an order from: 
The ‘ID card’ is at best suitable for playing MONOPOLY – certainly not a fake ID, as you would imagine.
A shame about the money!
 / 5


Preview as an app iconThank you very much for your feedback. We do not offer a German identity card, as can be clearly seen in the online shop. In terms of quality, over 1,500 customer reviews vote against yours. We hope you will like our product anyway. Thank you very much and LG!Your

Vanessa M 

Regarding an order from: 
My ID came in less than five days and it is very high quality. My order was processed in less than 24 hours of placing it and my emails answered within 12 hours of being sent. The team is efficient, friendly and helpful. I would order again and I recommend to everyone!
 / 5



Leszek Holisch 

Everything great.
 / 5



Lyutvi M 

Very good
 / 5



Roland B 

100 percent again and again
 / 5



Anton S 

Perfect. Absolutely well done ID! I can only recommend
 / 5



Pia Lorenz 

Works perfect. 👍🏻
 / 5



Stina M. 

Quick responses
Very friendly
Product was sent again because it did not arrive at first

 / 5



karim boulakrinat 

Excellent get all fast and in time
 / 5


Good work!!
Ary Ekhlasi 
Great site! Simple order process!
Thank you very much!! GREAT!
Harry U 
very good, gladly again.
Arthur Kiessling 
nadia ben hassien 
Claudia Z 
Great work
Wonderful !! Thanks !!
olivier mortagne 
olivier mortagne 
so far so good but need to see finished product!
I Bought from this website before i was really satisfied with the results, so as a satisfied customer i made purchase through here again
Niklas Lang 
Great one !! Thank you!
Nikita Pacijenko 
Hard to edit info in card, need to make another 1 to watch what i wrote here
Morgane Meyer 
Very good
Great product! I love this website !!
Thank you!
Very good ***
looks very real – very satisfied!
Everything great
efficient, competent, again at any time
Firstly, the website is super easy to understand and easy to use. Furthermore, the delivery time is great and the quality of the ID card is great! I can only recommend it!
Super simple, super service, super fast delivery to the USA and good product – nothing to complain about!
I was very happy every time again
Talked to the seller and creator personally, nice guy, was there within 1 day.
Very user-friendly, very fast shipping, the card looks perfect!
very good workmanship. gets through pretty much anywhere. Thank you 🙂
Works perfectly in England and looks very high quality
 / 5


I am very satisfied with your service, the only thing that may be criticized is the delivery time from abroad and that there is no tracking, so a star deduction.
But otherwise really recommendable super shop.
 / 5


In itself a very good online shop, fast shipping, nice customer support and actually good products. Why actually, because the two cards I ordered below have scratches but are otherwise great.
 / 5


Great customer service!
 / 5


The ID is high quality
 / 5


Everything perfect
 / 5


I was very happy with the quick and helpful answer to my question by email. Ordering the ID was also quick and easy and the costs are more than okay!
 / 5


The ID itself is really good, but unfortunately the shipping took forever because my payment was initially not correctly assigned despite all the information.
 / 5


Preview as an app iconWe are pleased that you like the ID! Next time, the allocation of the payment should work perfectly! 🙂Your team from
Fast delivery, good quality
 / 5


Simple & Fast
Looks real from
Top ID
 / 5


Perfect! You have to be patient but it’s worth it (Y)
 / 5


Quality 😉
 / 5


Super provider, fast shipping and good quality. I can only recommend it to everyone!
 / 5


Simple! And very quick delivery!
 / 5


I’m totally satisfied with the card I ordered. It looks real
 / 5


Everything was done quickly and well. ID looks very real and has helped me to get everything done so far.
 / 5


Delivery took place more than a week after the order.
 / 5


Preview as an app iconHey, thanks for the comment. Sorry you had to wait a little. Usually the shipping within the EU is 3-5 working days and DE approx. 1-2. after receipt of. We always endeavor to ship quickly and hope that you are satisfied with your ID! 🙂Your team from
Looks very good.
 / 5


Sau nice
 / 5


everything great
 / 5


Very serious, would be after about a week, hologram makes it very real
IDs look real! So far I came in everywhere, super satisfied!
Super nice and friendly contact, quick responses to emails. I am always very satisfied and would 100% recommend this provider.
Thank you very much
Fast processing, good quality, gladly again.
Good quality of ID, communication order, fast shipping, gladly again.
I liked that I was able to go to places with my ID. I like how it looks too!
Extremely friendly and courteous service !!
Great processing of the ID cards look better than in the pictures
Has so far been taken everywhere outside of Germany. Great customer service, answers questions quickly by e-mail. Even with problems, the seller offered great solutions. Customer is king
Great processing of the ID cards look better than in the pictures
Has so far been taken everywhere outside of Germany. Great customer service, answers questions quickly by e-mail. Even with problems, the seller offered great solutions. Customer is king
I had a very good experience with the website! Everything went great, even though I live in America! Shipping was relatively quick and the quality of the ID is very good
Very good ID! Super quality and great contact
Deliver faster
I ordered two cards within 3 months (one for me and the other for a colleague), both times the cards were at my home in 3-4 working days. The quality of the cards is just great, with holograms on both sides they look like real identification. For example, if you go on vacation and want to go to various clubs & bars, but may not be old enough, the ID is just perfect.
Super online service
It was like a real id and I got it very quickly
Really really good
The best you can get !!
Very nice and friendly … Thank you again …: D
It doesn’t work everywhere in America, but it often does.
Responsive and first class service!
Very good! I’m very satisfied!

everyone I am very satisfied with the quick processing of my request and I will only find out if all of this fits when I was in America, but otherwise I am very satisfied with your service.
good quality. good price, fast shipping
very well
Fast processing,
fascinating result,

offer could be expanded direction
– identity card (for a political movement as a “virtual” existing state)
– bank card (Paypal bank card to pay “in real”)
– membership card (for any funny club)

thanks the company !
Easy ordering, fast delivery, good customer care!
Always happy 😉
Very fast delivery and good quality
Accustomed to perfect quality!
Really great shop. ID arrived two days after ordering and looks great. Thank you very much
Horny parts !!
Very satisfied!
Great ID, I am very satisfied, always happy!
Quite expensive, but great quality, you really can’t complain. Very fast and neutral shipping.
Easy ordering. Flexible with payment method, could pay with PayPal. (maybe already mentioned on the website). Fast delivery to the USA.
Nowhere else can you get anything better than at Really great thing!
 / 5


Really great the product is of very good quality I would always buy it again!
 / 5


Just great The part it just looks great it looks totally real and the quality is simply amazing
 / 5


The product itself is great, so you can look forward to it. This is the problem longer than the indicated, the shipping took me 5 working days.
 / 5


The ID is really great quality and even has the halogram on it!
 / 5


Not what I hoped for!
 / 5


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Hello Sebastian,

it’s a shame that you feel that way.

We always strive for the satisfaction of our customers, please let us know what bothered you.

We would like to improve our service.

Thank you very much and LG!Your team from

Id still not there after over a week, then please do not advertise with a fast delivery service
 / 5


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Hello Stefanie,

we carry out the orders quickly!

You ordered the ID in the USA, where the delivery time is 7-14 days.

Unfortunately, the post is not faster for international orders, so we ask for your understanding and hope you enjoy the product! 🙂

PS: We would be happy if you would adjust your feedback again.Your team from

They didn’t write the country correctly, they wrote Austria instead of Austria, nobody buys that from me
 / 5 - ID - fake - student ID - student ID ...

Hello David,

this is not a mistake, because the map does not describe the country, but your nationality.

And it also means “I am Austrian” and not “I am Austria”!

Also take a look at the German ID card or other international ID cards:

Here, for example, the nationality also says “GERMAN” and not “GERMANY”.

We always strive for satisfied customers and would appreciate a positive opinion from you.

Thank you very much and LG!
Your team from

Great service, no complications
 / 5


The delivery takes a little longer than promised, so order early. Otherwise no problems and good quality.
 / 5


Everything was super easy! I live in NYC and had the ID with me within a week, was very excited!
Super quality!
the service was overall great, simple website and fast shipping, but one of the IDs was very weathered upon arrival and started to peel off. the other two were in good condition.
Preview as an app icon
I ordered a student ID for my daughter, the reason was a trip to the USA together, for which she was three years older so that she could go to cocktail bars with me. The quality of the ID is really great, even with a hologram; first class execution! Delivery very quickly, ID was in the mail two days after payment. Highly recommended!
Super fast delivery and even internationally. Thanks a lot!
Super fast shipping abroad and super satisfied with the product, always happy!
super fast delivery and definitely recommendable 🙂
Quick and easy. Gladly again.
Very authentic ID! I am totally satisfied and can only recommend the website.
still not arrived after 14 days, wrote to support, but was ignored. 30 euros are gone. Thanks a lot!
It looks very real
and you can use it.
What I missed most was the film where it shone.
But the signature looks very faik au. But you can use it I miss it.
 / 5


I was satisfied because the IDs are good. However, I have to say that most ID cards are bad looking. Especially those that are in orange font. Unfortunately, this is noticeable. Otherwise everything is fine. Delivery very quickly and not noticeable.
 / 5


Excellent! you get what you want, affordable price, all information like a real ID (expiry date etc.) – worth it 👍🏿
 / 5


Long waiting times !
Ordered on a Tuesday night. Unfortunately, because I chose the wrong payment option when ordering, I contacted Fake Id by email. However, I waited in vain for a “24 hour support” response and then simply sent it by bank transfer 2 days later. The answer to my email came a day later (3 days after my email).
1 week has passed since my payment process and nothing has still happened. When tracking the shipment it said “Open – Waiting for payment”. So I wrote an email to customer service again. Reply came 30 hours later that no payment had been received and I was supposed to have made a mistake in the transfer. 45 minutes later another surprising email came from the service with a “shipping confirmation – thank you […] for your payment. Your order has already been forwarded to the shipping department and should be delivered to you shortly!”. Very dubious (we are already 1.5 weeks after ordering). In the meantime she arrived after 2 weeks. The edge of the card is badly finished, as paint is already chipping. The writing on the card is slightly blurred.
 / 5


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Dear customer, we are very sorry that you have had a bad experience with us. I checked your case again and found that the automatic payment assignment did not work for you due to a typo in the purpose. I suspect your bank misread / typed your transfer. This caused a delay on our part, since we had to allocate the payment manually. So your payment went on March 16th. with us on 19.03. we sent the order. We usually send our orders within 48 hours after receipt of payment, here we have exceeded the time by 24 hours due to the error just mentioned. We’re sorry.

We didn’t want to blame you for the emails. We just wanted to ask you to check your bank statements to see if an error on your side was not made. Of course, we also did this on our site, which is why you also received a payment and shipping confirmation for 45 minutes.

Unfortunately I can not understand your objection regarding the quality. We are happy to accept criticism via support and always send replacements in the event of production errors! We would also have liked to do this in your case before it comes to a negative evaluation. Nevertheless, you can still contact us and we will take care of it.

Best regards,

Your Fake-ID TeamYour team from

After there were some unresolved circumstances and delays the first time, everything went very quickly and smoothly this time. Therefore, this time full points!
 / 5


Just crazy. It looks really real even with a hologram. Thank you.
 / 5


Everything is OK – shipping could be faster but very good quality
 / 5


Very clean job!
 / 5



Just great!
Fast delivery and very good goods.
Has worked without problems at every gas station and in every shop.

No wishes left open!

 / 5


IDs are good quality, unfortunately I have received the wrong goods in part, and still no response to the contact form on the website.
 / 5


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Dear customer,

we always try not to make mistakes, but unfortunately the best ones are never perfect. We are happy to solve the problem, but we have not received any email from you. You should already have received an email from us. We would be happy to have you fully satisfied at the end of the day.

Your Fake-ID TeamYour team from

Fast delivery, super quality only to be recommended
At first I thought that the provider might be a bit dubious. In any case, my first impression was not confirmed. I received the ID quickly and it looks very professional, also thanks to the hologram. 5 *
Very fast customer service via email and delivery to the USA took much less time than expected.
The ID cards look great and the price fits well, I would definitely recommend!
Have already ordered the second time from fake id – the ID cards are really really good, it is even a hologram about what makes the last doubts about the authenticity disappear – I can really recommend it!

Everything to my complete satisfaction. It is not my first order and I am just as satisfied with the “all-round service” as last time.
Even a suggestion for improvement was made, which I gladly accepted.
Thank you for everything


My ID came a bit too late and the customer service or contact are grotto bad because you either don’t get an answer to e-mails or you can’t reach a non-switched number when calling. The product itself is very good, but unfortunately it is not so resistant to normal handling, so I can only recommend to handle the ID carefully. Looks very realistic, so I can recommend the site, but there is apparently no service-wise that “brags” about it. Neither MSN, nor as a contact form or by email. If the ID came a little more on time and there was an answering service, it would be worth 5 stars. As I said, the ID is very good and realistic.
Preview as an app icon
Delivered super quickly. Quality TOP !!
Super cool
Simply great! Supper quali, fast delivery and very cheap: D
HAMMER ID CARD! I am very pleased! Gladly again!
I especially like the watermark! fast delivery abroad. good thing
Everything great, fast delivery and good quality
ID was within 2 days, great!
fast, discreet delivery
The ID looks really animal-like and even the delivery to the USA only took 5 days, whereby even normal mail always takes 2-3 weeks. So really only to be recommended!
You can choose between many models and ordering is very easy. The delivery was very quick.
Everything went smoothly. Delivered very quickly!
Everything went super. Fast and uncomplicated processing and delivery.
I am very satisfied, but it would be more credible if it were in German and the font had a different color 🙂
The ID looks totally real, I’m thrilled!
In addition, the order went quickly and smoothly and after 2 days the fake ID was already in my mailbox! Thank you!
very fast delivery, top quality, works 🙂
Fast delivery, clean work
Thank you very much
Everything perfect!!
This website provide a clean and quick service so I will recommend this to my friends. Thank you for your help!
Super fast shipping to the USA, thanks !!
Fast delivery, easy processing.
Everything as it should be.
Fast delivery, good workmanship; Perfect !
Worthy fallen.
I think the result is great. However, you pay in and get no confirmation. The first time I asked and now the second time I hope that it will be delivered as soon as possible, even if I have not received a payment confirmation.
everything great
Everything was very good! Exactly how it should be !! I can only recommend.
Fake ID worked great!
Good customer rating and fast shipping!
Therefore five stars!
I ordered 1 black and 2 blue international student IDs and I was thrilled !!! 🙂
Unfortunately, you have to be very careful with the card because it quickly loses color … 🙁
Buy one and you can come in everywhere !!!
Great 🙂
I love all
Everything good and great
Fast delivery, very good quality! Top!
The ID arrived quickly and worked well. The processing is okay and for anyone who wants to quickly slip into a different identity, it is highly recommended.
Quality of the watermark has decreased earlier it was better.

Otherwise ok
Super fast delivery. I am absolutely thrilled and imagined it exactly like this. Again any time . Thanks alot
ID cards Perfect. Delivery a little longer due to my mistake but good communication with the provider. Definitely recommendable!
Excellent customer service. Had problems with the transfer and was well advised and supported. Good choice. Possibly overpriced.
perfect card with good watermark, ect.
good customer service and good and punctual delivery: D
Super quality!
The only thing that the shipping was a bit slow
Otherwise great!
Great card, looks perfect and deceptively real.
The passport photo is also well incorporated and works well.
everything very good 🙂 I will definitely recommend it!
is ok and fast
Hello dear fake ID team,

I am sorry to inform you that I can unfortunately be satisfied with the fake ID.
The picture is distorted and my name is misspelled. I would be very happy about a new ID.

Awaiting feedback

everything great
Fast, clean, top quality
Simply hammer usually works!
Fast service and good quality
Very quickly and professionally.
Everything great.
Just great!! Supper quality and very, very well done !! I’m totally thrilled !!

I have recommended it to all my friends, they will soon order a fake-id !!!

Unfortunately, this time I am a little disappointed with my ID card, because it is no longer so good with the colors (a little pale and too light) and I no longer have the identigram shown in the photo (on the 1st sample), but instead a completely different one this time. When I ordered an ID from Fake-ID in 2010, everything was perfect and immaculate.

Except for these small errors, fake ID is still recommended and does a good job. The delivery is very quick.

Super fast from Germany to Switzerland.
Super fast delivery, everything is fine
Really happy about shipping time and the quality of the ID and also customer service was really helpful!
quickly processed, IDs look great
The delivery was super fast, the ID is perfect !!!
Everything went really well and went very quickly. The ID also looks very good. Thank you
Fantastic, looks great and works
The article is excellent. The only drawback is that the ‘ö’ was not replaced by ‘oe’
Order came too late!
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 / 5




super nice seller.
100% TOP goods, keep it up!
Very very fast shipping.

Simply a pleasant and very nice process!
My expectations were exceeded, I am very satisfied.
Really recommendable.

 / 5


Service and ordering very simple and straightforward, as well as good price. However, more choice of different IDs and passports would be desirable.
 / 5


Shipping faster.
 / 5


In principle, the ID cards (which of course are not really used) would be great, so they look great, even with the hologram, etc. But
I have to wait 2 months to contact the support again and ask where it is not appropriate. There are 2 stars because at least after contacting it was handled fairly quickly.
 / 5


Preview as an app icon

Hello Vanessa, I’m sorry that you had to wait 2 months and was certainly not intended. We usually send our orders within 48 hours after receipt of payment. If a letter is lost on the way, we will not find out, but only when the customer contacts us that his ID has not arrived. As you said, you received your ID immediately after contacting it, just when we found out that your ID had not arrived.

We hope you continue to enjoy the ID. 😉Your team from

Very fast delivery and a convincingly good product !!
 / 5


the thing is total garbage. there is not yet the address on it
 / 5 - ID - fake - student ID - student ID ...Hello, I have already contacted you via email. In our opinion, the rating is inappropriate. You criticize that there is no address on the ID, this is clear from the pictures and the input of the data. Therefore, I would like to ask you to rethink the evaluation and also to acknowledge the positive things.Your team from
I am very happy with the provider. And I would definitely recommend you.
 / 5


The workmanship is very good, unfortunately the back says that “you are punishable if you use it” because everyone knows that this is not an identity card, but otherwise shipping only took 7 working days.
 / 5


 / 5


bad service
Too expensive.

I will not recommend you in any case, because I:
1. until today to a reply to one of my 3 emails, which I have sent you within 2 weeks
2. for one already on the 11.8. paid goods by 30.8. had to wait for delivery

So in summary an incredibly incompetent shop you run there!

ID cards look really real …
I am very positively surprised by the result! I also liked the speedy shipping.
It took me about 2 weeks until it was there … 4 stars are only for the ID card … with customer support etc. nobody answers that needs improvement.
Good quality, fast delivery
I hve always worked very good with you but i dont recibe the last ids i bought the 8th of july in 2013 (edu juncosas and octavi oliu). I hope you can repair and keep the problem. This is the first time a problem happends with a fake-id. If i have my id’s in yhe next hours, or days, that i what i hope, i’ll buy more. Thank you. I need the ids.
Ich habe mir einen Ausweis bei ihnen bestellt am Freitag (12.7.) und habe per sofortüberweisung bezahlt nach dem ich die Auftragsbestätigung per Mail bekommen habe. Ich habe sofort nachdem ich die mail bekommen habe bezahlt. Anschließend habe ich auf Fake-ID bei der Sendungsverfolgung nachgeschaut und der Bestellstatus war : Offen – Warte auf Zahlung… das steht nach wie vor dort, ich schaue jeden Tag nach und es steht dort nach 6 Tagen immer noch Offen- Warte auf Zahlung obwohl ich mit Sofortüberweisung gezahlt habe. Ich habe jeden Tag versucht den Support telefonisch und per e-mail zu erreichen, Keine antwort.. Vom Ausweis fehlt jede Spur. Ehrlich gesagt zweifle ich daran dass ich ihn überhaupt noch bekommen werde… Ich warte immer noch in der Hoffnung dass die Sendungsverfolgungsfunktion von den Seiteninhabern vernachlässigt wird und der Ausweis schon zu mir nach Österreich unterwegs ist. Wer mit mir in Kontakt treten will um über den aktuellen Stand meiner Bestellung bescheid zu wissen kann *** auf Skype adden. Mich würde interessieren was bei anderen Kunden beim Reiter Bestellstatus/Sendungsverfolgung steht. Wer Interesse hat kann mich hinzufügen
Preview as an app icon
Good quality and fast shipping
 / 5


very good
 / 5


I hate this site! I ordered an ID card and it still did not arrive after 2 weeks now it is still not there because I sent the info email at least 10 emails and no answer worst service! I spent 29.99 euros and got nothing I hate this company! b. L.
 / 5


Preview as an app icon We are sorry that you have had a bad experience with our service. We always do our best to satisfy our customers. Unfortunately we did not have access to our system at the time, which is why we could not answer your emails immediately. This is not the rule, as other reviews show. Your ID was sent to you and should have arrived by now.Your team from
I’m a little disappointed … The ID is good no question the quality is right. Unfortunately there is nobody at the telephone support or e-mail who answers or can be reached. So if you want to change something after submitting the order you are unlucky. There is an urgent need to catch up here.
 / 5


Due to the lack of answers from the online support, I can unfortunately only give 3 stars. The ID was very well made and I like it.
 / 5


Completely satisfied 🙂
 / 5


Good quality
 / 5



Fast delivery
Good processing of the product
Fast purchase processing
Large selection

I can recommend with good conscience

 / 5


Great offer!
 / 5


Fast shipping .. within a week .. also looks very good .. the only thing that can be improved is that you can see in advance a preview of the desired ID and can help shape it yourself so that it can be designed individually.
 / 5


Fast and discreet!
Website very customer-friendly, easy to order, fast shipping. ID quality is not really good. The photo is very blurry, but otherwise ok.
Preview as an app icon
Everything was great, went quickly and not promised too much. Id is great;)
The ID card really looks mega, but that’s not true with the 24-hour support! Nobody reports either by email or by phone. It also took 8 days to get the ID. After 5 days I thought that this page was a fake, but now I have to take it back. It takes a while to get it, but as I said, it looks really HAMMER.
Very fast delivery – top product
Unfortunately I didn’t get an answer from the online suport
If so, then at Fake-id! All top – 3 days after receipt of payment received the true .. So it must be, gladly again =)
To date, no goods have been received and no response has been received by email